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- study balanced nutrition
- learn a trade of a consulting nutritionist
- take professional retraining
- promote your services and build your own brand
“Expert” course + professional
development program
Already experienced in working with clients regarding nutrition and weight management? Then we offer you to become a true expert in just 86 teaching hours.
Choose a faculty that fits you perfectly
Our schools correspond with the most up-to-date sectors of nutrition science. You can choose any of them!
Sports nutrition science
Biochemistry and nutrition science
Eating behaviour psychology
Nutritional consulting and weight management
Further education in nutrition science
“Healthy generation” social education project
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Choosing the UPDN you get the following advantages:
Support of a personal mentoring doctor
A mentor with medical education curates you during training. The mentor checks your homework and examination papers, answers questions, and helps to overcome difficulties when you take training. We have you covered during the entire training period!
Unlimited training
You can start training any moment. You have 24/7 access to your account and educational resources from any part of the world from any device be it a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.
Well-tried material only
A base for the educational programs of the UCSNS is the evidence-based medicine, latest global research, congresses, and conferences data. It is the evidence-based information that you get.
On complex ideas – in layman’s terms
Educational resources are as accessible to anyone as they can be. You will understand the topics even if you are not familiar with terminology.
Easy-to-listen-to lecture format while the supporting material helps to solidify the most important knowledge
Popular courses and latest releases
This program will be perfect for those who want to gain basic knowledge on the job of a nutritional consultant. You will learn the fundamentals of body functions of a human being and principles of healthy nutrition
82 teaching hours
Sports nutrition science
This program includes aspects of working with clients as well as modules with food technology, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients deficiency classification, and preventive measures through nutritional supplements.
The course is in development
Diploma course
An advanced program that will help you to become an expert in sitology, acquire skills of laboratory diagnostics, and build your own brand
256 teaching hours
You will surely make it.
And we will be beside you to support you every step of the way!
Not sure what to learn?
Tell us about yourself and we will match the course to your personal goals
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